Metal to metal ball and seats Kit

We are able to provide Metal-to-Metal coated complete kits (ball and 

seats lapped together) for ball valves, in Tungsten, Chrome or Stellite 
coatings, in any base material, also combined with ENP plating (on the 
other areas except the Outside Diameter). HVOF spray coating solution 
increases the life and improves performances of ball valves. 
These hard and resistant overlays impede erosive and abrasive wear 
as well as provide protection from corrosion. Thanks to these solutions 
we can assure the "Zero leakage" and/or "Bubble tight seal" solutions, 
guaranteed with Alcohol test and kerosene test
Size range: from 1" to 40" 
Kits are finished; ball and seats are lapped together.
Tungsten carbide , Chrome carbide  or Stellite or Chrome plating 
(EffectiveThickness from 120 to 400 μm - Hardness from 1200 to 1400 HV)